倉廩実則知礼節 衣食足則知栄辱
If you have a good warehouse, you know your manners,
and if you have enough food and clothing, you know your honor and shame.

This phrase is Dr. Kondo’s motto. People’s health is affected by social circumstances such as education, income, occupation, and their relationships with others. People’s health is also affected by the social environment, such as national and regional policies, culture, economic trends, and income inequality. If you are hungry every day, it will be difficult for you to live your life with the people around you. It is also difficult to live a solitary life without help from others.

Public health aims to create a system to protect people’s healthy lives. Based on epidemiological research methods, our laboratory aims to unravel the relationship between society and health, control the health disparities that arise, and create a healthy and equitable society. We aim to improve the health and welfare of people while working in close collaboration with others in related disciplines such as sociology, economics, behavioral science, policy science, and political philosophy.

Current Research Topics

Japan Gerontological Evaluation Study (JAGES)

JAGES is an international collaborative study on the social determinants of health among the elderly, involving 200,000 people in about 60 municipalities nationwide and in two foreign countries.

Social Prescribing and Building a Inclusive Society (kyosei-shakai:共生社会)

Our goal is to prevent patients who have been treated from returning to the environment that made them sick. In order to achieve this goal, we are aiming to create a system of “social prescribing” that allows medical care and community welfare to work closely together and participate in the creation of a inclusive society. In relation to this, we are developing a survey form that will be used in medical settings to screen patients’ life issues, developing a health management support system for welfare users, and conducting follow-up research on people who have used “Free/Low-cost Medical Services” at hospitals.

Development of new health promotion services in collaboration with companies and the government

We aim to achieve health equity, developing “social services that allow people to naturally engage in health promotion.” A number of projects are currently underway, including the “Kenshinsen” (Hakuhodo), an occupational health checkup to fight against last year’s self, online pregnancy and childcare counseling (Kids Public), and verification of the effectiveness of health management using health app data (Link and Communication, Renaissance, etc.).

Planetary Health Sciences

It is no good if only humans become healthy. We are conducting basic research to build a system of “sampo yoshi” – earth, creatures, and people (in collaboration with the Institute for Future Initiative at the University of Tokyo).