The lab and members

This department was established in 2000 with Masahiro Kihara as its first professor. The Department of Socio-epidemiology, which integrates epidemiology and social science, has advocated a comprehensive methodology for public health, and has promoted education and research that inherits the tradition of Kyoto University’s emphasis on this field. In addition to pioneering and leading epidemiological research on HIV infection in Japan, the University has actively promoted global health research with the participation of many students from developing countries, and in 2006 was designated as a Joint Research Center of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS.

In September 2020, Naoki Kondo was appointed as the second professor. Inheriting the tradition of field-oriented research, Professor Kondo emphasizes the importance of using large-scale quantitative data and of implementing the findings from research in a wide range of social systems, while collaborating with diverse organizations. The current lab name is the Department of Social Epidemiology.



Naoki Kondo

Research: Social epidemiology, Health equity, Social determinants of health

People’s health is affected by social circumstances such as education, income, occupation, and their connections. It is also affected by national and regional policies, culture, economic trends, income disparity, and other social factors. Therefore, it is not possible to protect people’s health only with approaches that encourage individuals to take rational actions such as “exercise moderately” or “stop smoking”. Social epidemiology uses epidemiological methods to elucidate these “social determinants of health” and to control the health disparities that arise from them. Our goal is to create a society in which everyone can be naturally healthy.

Assistant Professor

Maho Haseda

Research: Health Inequalities, Intersectoral collaboration, Gerontology, Primary Care

Dr.Haseda is a Japan Primary Care Association (JPCA)/ Japanese Association for Home Care Medicine (JAHCM) certified primary care physician. Her main research interest is health inequalities among older people. She works to contribute to a society where people in any situation can live their lives even in their later lives.

Assistant Professor

Koryu Sato

Research: Health Economics, Social Security, Educational Inequalities, Health and Productivity Management, Gerontology

After working for 12 years at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW), where he was involved in planning medical and long-term care insurance policies, Dr. Sato jumped into the world of research. He is interested in various fields including health, education, economics, and policy.

Assistant Professor

Kosuke Inoue

Research: Clinical Epidemiology, Causal Inference, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Health Services Research

Dr. Inoue is a clinician and epidemiologist. He specializes in the development of methodologies in causal inference (the study of cause and effect) and their application to the field of non-communicable diseases (e.g., hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc). By identifying the causal mechanisms involved in these diseases and associated social risks, he aims to contribute to the development of scientific evidence to improve population health.

Research Fellow

Keiko Ueno

Research: Social determinants of health, Community health

She is researching ways to provide health support in the community for the elderly and needy households.

Research Fellow

Shiho Kino

Research: Health Inequality, Social Epidemiology, Dental Public Health, Social Welfare

Dr. Kino is researching the role that society can play in reducing health disparities. She has been based in the UK and the US. In recent years, her research has focused on the mental health of earthquake victims and low-income people in Japan.

Guest Researcher

Minami Sugimoto

Research: Nutritional epidemiology, dietary assessment methods, diet-related environmental impact, sustainable healthy diets

Dr. Sugimoto is developing methodologies and analyzing data with the aim of identifying and encouraging dietary and eating behavior patterns that promote people’s health and do not impact the global environment.

Guest Researcher

Hisataka Anezaki

Research: Health economics, Valuing health services, health check-ups and health behaviour

Dr. Anezaki focuses on the valuing of medical services from the perspective of patients and users of medical services.

Research Fellow

Airi Amemiya

Research: Social determinants of health, Community-based interventions, Home care

Dr. Amemiya’s research focuses on identifying and understanding the social determinants of health.

Research Fellow

Andrew Stickley

Research: Mental Health, Public Health, Environmental Epidemiology

Dr. Stickley’s main research interests include loneliness, suicidal behavior, neurodevelopmental disorders (ADHD, ASD), common mental disorders, psychotic experiences, disability, alcohol epidemiology, health risk behaviors, health inequalities, violence.

Research Fellow

Daisuke Nishioka

Research: Public assistance, Social determinants of health, Social epidemiology, Social Welfare, Social Work

Lecturer, Department of Medical Statistics, Research & Development Center, Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University/ Family Doctor/ Social Worker/ Care Manager/ His research focuses on the health of people living in poverty.

Research Fellow

Takashi Miyashita

Research:Social Marketing

Guest Scholar

Yanzhang Li

Dr Li focuses on disability and frailty research of community-dwelling older adults including three aspects: study, research and cooperation.

Adjunct Lecturer

Yuri Ito

Research:Health statistics and epidemiology, Cancer registries and cancer screening, Health inequalities, Database studies

Associate Professor, Department of Medical Statistics, Research & Development Center Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University

Adjunct Lecturer

Masamitsu Kamada

Research:Physical activity

Lecturer, Department of Health Education and Health Sociology, School of Public Health, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo

Adjunct Lecturer

Daisuke Takagi

Research:Social psychology, Sociology, Social epidemiology, Criminology, Geographical analysis

Lecturer, Departments of Health and Social Behavior, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo

Adjunct Lecturer

Yoshihisa Fujino

Research: Epidemiology, Public health, Occupational health, Presenteeism, Compatibility support, Health disparities, Health Impact Assessment; HIA

Professor, Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences, University of Occupational and Environmental Health

Adjunct Lecturer

Daisuke Nishioka

Research:Welfare, Public assistance, Remote medical care, Social epidemiology, Social welfare studies

Lecturer, Department of Medical Statistics, Research & Development Center, Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University

Adjunct Lecturer

Kaori Honjo

Research:Epidemiology, Social Epidemiology, Health inequalities, Gender

Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University

Doctoral student

Marisa Nishio

Research: Social determinants of health, Health policy, Intrinsic capacity, Global health

Her research focuses on the development of new measures for older people’s health and of social environments that support individuals’ health.

Doctoral student

Sho Takeda

Research: Ikigai, Inequality within a community, Social prescribing

He is an occupational therapist (OT). He is interested in disparities in the participation of elderly people living in the community in hobbies and activities of daily living, regional disparities, as well as support for the hobbies and activities of daily living of elderly people and their health-promoting effects, and social prescriptions.

Doctoral student

Nana Ishimura

Research: Social determinants of health, Health Inequality, Dialysis therapy and Nephrology

Nephrologist and dialysis specialist. She enrolled in this program to study how to measure and correct health disparities. She would like to study the relationship between disease and social factors, with a focus on renal disease and dialysis care.

Doctoral student

Du Zhen

Research:Social determinants of health, Health Inequality, Older adults

She is interested in social determinants of health and health care for the older adults, especially physical activity and psychosocial aspects and cognitive function. She would like to improve the health of the older adults by finding the factors that affect their health.

Doctoral student

Hanae Nagata

Research:Health Promotion, Health and Productivity Management, Social determinants of health

She is an occupational physician and occupational health consultant. She is interested in health and productivity management through health promotion programs.

Doctoral student

Hiroko Sakurai

Research:Health Inequality, Chronic disease, Regional medical care, Primary Health Care, Social capital

She is a family physician. She is  studying in this lab while engaging in primary care at Iwate Prefecture. She would like to explore what residents and primary care providers can do in an aging and decreasing population region.

Doctoral student

Yoshikazu Komura

Research:Social determinants of Mental disorder, Causal inference, Child psychiatry

He aims to build evidence to realize a world where all people can lead healthy lives.

Doctoral student

Paul Pereyra

Research: Social Epidemiology, Social Determinants of Health, Health Inequality, Causal Inference

He is a Physician and Physical Therapist (PT), focusing on understanding social determinants of health and reducing health disparities. His research interest is causal inference, reverse causation, and social capital. His purpose is to achieve health equality in society through research on social epidemiology.

Master’s student

Liu Qiuyi

Research:Social determinants of health, Social isolation, Health Inequality

She is interested in the impact of the social environment on health, especially health problems caused by loneliness and isolation.

Master’s student

Yuma Goto

Research:Social epidemiology, Health Inequality, Social capital

He is an occupational therapist. He is interested in community development that enables the older adults to live healthily in the community and in the relationship between social participation and health. He will do his best to contribute to reducing health inequalities through my research.

Master’s student

Kaori Suga

Research:Cancer survivorship, The association between medical care and health and economic inequality, Universal Health Coverage

Based on her clinical nursing experience, She is interested in correcting various inequities in healthcare and other areas. Her goal is to contribute to realize the spread of Universal Health Coverage.

Master’s student

Kokoro Harii

Research:Health Inequality, Social determinants of health,  Global health

She is interested in how social determinants and discrimination affect the health of foreign residents and immigrants in Japan. Through her research, She aims to correct health disparities and discrimination and build a equitable Society.

Master’s student(Double digree programs, Thailand Mahidol University )

Dorn Sornsil

Research:Social determinants of health, Primary care, Primary health care, Community health

He is a physician who has work experience in primary care in Thailand. His research focuses on the influence of social determinants of health, especially the primary care system on population health and health inequalities. He is also interested in the Community-Oriented Primary Care (COPC) approach to strengthening community empowerment and promoting a broad view of health.


Mariko Kanamori

Research: Rural, Agriculture, Suicide, Gender relations, Social Determinants of Health, Social Epidemiology

Her research focuses on mental health issues in rural areas. Before entering graduate school, she worked as a clinical veterinarian for cattle in Hokkaido. She is majoring in social epidemiology because she believes that both cattle and people share a common way of living that depends on the state of society. She would like to contribute to a society where both people and animals can live healthy and happy lives.

Research Student(Research guidance commissioned by the University of Tokyo)

Yuki Arakawa

Research: Social relationships and mental health, Online medical consultation, EBPM

He has been working as a doctor in a hospital since 2011, with a wide range of experience in medicine and surgery, specialising in patient care in the emergency department and intensive care unit. There he was confronted with social issues in the context of patients that could not be changed by medical treatment and went to graduate school to find solutions. He is interested in the study of human connections, especially those related to loneliness. He is now working with local authorities to develop evidence for policies that lead to better health for people.

Research Student(Research guidance commissioned by the University of Tokyo)

Mai Yamaguchi

Research: Women’s health, Low-weight

She is researching socio-environmental factors related to thinness in women.

Research Student(Research guidance commissioned by the University of Tokyo)

Yumiko Kobayashi

Research: Organizational justice, Gender

She is examining the relationship between organizational fairness and the psychological load of workers.

Research Student(Research guidance commissioned by the University of Tokyo)

Kyoka Sasaki

Research: Natural disasters, Human disasters, Mental health

She is interested in the effects of natural and man-made disasters and the new coronavirus pandemic on human health.

Guest Researcher

Yoko Matsuoka

Research: Post-Disaster Relocation, Changes in the Socio-Physical Environment, Mental Health, Social Participation

She is researching associations between changes in the socio-physical environment due to post-disaster relocation and the mental health of older adults living in areas affected by earthquakes.

Guest Researcher

Tomoki Nakaya

Guest Researcher

Yugo Shobugawa

Guest Researcher

Yoshiki Ishikawa

Guest Researcher

Yusuke Sasahara

Guest Researcher

Ibuki Ozawa

Guest Researcher

Masayo Yano

Guest Researcher

Itsuki Osawa

Guest Researcher

Kumi Sugimoto

Guest Researcher

Takuya Yamada


Toshiaki Komura