News: The Act on Promotion of Policy for Loneliness and Isolation passed

On May 31, the Act on Promotion of Policy for Loneliness and Isolation passed at the plenary session of the House of Councillors, the upper chamber of the Diet. [Please click here to view the video recording of this session (in Japanese). Voting begins at approximately 11:50 minutes.]

Also, on May 30, the Committee on Cabinet of the House of Councillors held the debate on this bill.  [Please click here to see this debate (in Japanese). There was a Q&A session, a debate in opposition, a vote, and a supplementary resolution.]

Professor Kondo has been a member of the Cabinet Office’s “Expert Committee on the Priority Plan for Loneliness and Isolation” since FY2021 and has been involved in the formulation of the plan on which this bill is based.
*Cabinet Secretariat (Act on Promotion of Policy for Loneliness and Isolation)  outline.pdf (   law.pdf (

“Social isolation is an important Social Determinant of Health, and countermeasures are essential to make a society with fewer health disparities. The joint efforts that are based on a legal basis will be promoted, including cross-ministry initiatives across the country and collaborations with industry-academia-government and other diverse players. ” (Professor Naoki Kondo)

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