News: Selected as Runner-up for the Rothman Epidemiology Paper Prize 2023 in Epidemiology(Associate Professor Inoue)

A paper published last year in Epidemiology by Associate Professor Inoue was selected as the Runner-up of the Rothman Epidemiology Prize (four papers in total) as an epidemiology paper that had an important impact among the papers published by Epidemiology in the same year.

It was recognized because it generalized the front-door formula, which had never been applied to epidemiological studies since it was proposed by Judea Pearl in 1993, into an application form and presented the first example of such an application in the world.

Kyoto University School of Public Health

社会疫学分野 井上浩輔特定准教授のFDF論文がEpidemiology誌におけるRothman Epidemiology Paper Prize 2023のRunner-upとして選出されました。

Inoue, Kosuke, Ritz Beate, Arah Onyebuchi.Causal Effect of Chronic Pain on Mortality Through Opioid Prescriptions: Application of the Front-Door Formula.Epidemiology 33(4):p 572-580, July 2022.

DOI: 10.1097/EDE.0000000000001490

Kara E. Rudolph, Winner of the 2023,