Publication: Transforming Food Environments(Professor Kondo)

「Transforming Food Environments」
Chapter 16 ‘Choice Architecture and Nudging for Better Food Choice’

We regularly find ourselves in food environments that promote the consumption of high fat and sugary foods rather than encouraging us to eat more fruit and vegetables. However, because of increased media attention, people are becoming more interested in alternative approaches to improving the many food-related decisions we make daily. Transforming Food Environments features evidence from several disciplines exploring initiatives that have improved food environments and discusses the importance of achieving success in equitable and sustainable ways.

The book presents information on diverse food environments followed by methods that help readers become aware of the design of interventions and food policies. It covers food environments in schools, workplaces, and community centres as well as fast food establishments and food marketing. The book presents methods to help encourage better food choices and purchase of healthier foods. It explores persuasion tactics used by health professionals such as changing availability and/or price, using nudging techniques, and food labelling.

Professor Kondo wrote the above.

Transforming Food Environments