News: Received Japan Society for the Promotion Science(JSPS) Ikushi Prize (Resarch student,Mariko Kanamori)

Resarch Student,Mariko Kanamori,has received the 12th JSPS Ikushi Prize.

Research theme for which the award was given

Identifying the social determinants of suicide in rural areas and developing a community empowerment model for suicide.

the 12th JSPS Ikushi Prize

This year, 18 students were awarded from among 165 graduate school doctoral students recommended by the heads of universities or academic organizations nationwide.

The list of recipients is here.

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Ikushi Prize was established in 2010 to honor outstanding postgraduate doctoral students who are expected to contribute to the development of academic research in Japan in the future, to motivate them to study and conduct research, and to foster young researchers.