Media Coverage: “JIBUN TRAINER” program for health guidance using avatars for employees (Checkup Championship)

Hakuhodo DY Holdings (HD) is conducting joint research with us and has been featured in multiple media outlets for its “Checkup Championship.”

Our laboratory (Department of Social Epidemiology at Kyoto University) has been working with Hakuhodo DYHD to verify the effectiveness of the “Checkup Championship,” a workplace health and wellness program. This year, 3D avatar generators were set up at the site of health checkups to generate avatars of preference employees. The generated avatars provide guidance on exercise and eating habits to improve employees’ health awareness.

Our laboratory is conducting joint research with the company on the effectiveness of the “JIBUN TRAINER” program.

Nihon Keizai Shimbun: Hakuhodo DYHD Employee avatar guides own exercise (Published on October 11, 2023); click here for details. News (Jiji Press): Exercise instruction is avatar’s own “Health Management” by motivating slothful employees (Published on October 16, 2023); click here for details.